FIVE: the purekomachi breadknife in orange

I am not one to buy into colored knives, i am a traditionalist. I was using a wooden handled, precision hollow ground, stainless steel french knife to be the camel of my kitchen. Handed down to me from my father, it was one of his wedding gifts. He was a beautiful knife until this new young buck appeared in the drawer. This thing can cut paper-thin slices from tomatoes. i'm not kidding, i think it could cut a penny in half. its one of those knives that you go to feel how sharp it is and your bleeding before you have even touched the blade. i will gladly wear the tiny cuts on my fingers, it will teach me how to respect this knife. I think this knife costs like 15$ new, it has an ergonomic handle that i hate to say this but "fits well in my small hands".  Eat shit Wusthof you can roll over to purekomachi, affordable and sharp and carbon fiber?!