usurped corn

i spray painted this corn as a halloween decoration

brine it baby

i bought this whole chicken for 6.50$ 
i brined it in saltwater with mirepoix, 2 bay leaves 3 allspice berries and 2 smashed garlic cloves.
i cooked it at 450 for one hour.
I cut 2 breasts and 2 drumsticks and saved them for dinner.
i pulled the rest of the meat and made a taco.
i put the bones back in the brine and boiled it for 2 hours......chicken stock.


not yo mamma's mirepoix

a combination of heirloom carrots, red and yellow onion and red celery is my new standby.



paper bats

busy non-smoker fingers have driven me to cut out tiny paper bats drawn free hand on card stock.

halloween crafty

So here they are. i curled there wings a little to give them depth and cast more shadows.


FIVE: the purekomachi breadknife in orange

I am not one to buy into colored knives, i am a traditionalist. I was using a wooden handled, precision hollow ground, stainless steel french knife to be the camel of my kitchen. Handed down to me from my father, it was one of his wedding gifts. He was a beautiful knife until this new young buck appeared in the drawer. This thing can cut paper-thin slices from tomatoes. i'm not kidding, i think it could cut a penny in half. its one of those knives that you go to feel how sharp it is and your bleeding before you have even touched the blade. i will gladly wear the tiny cuts on my fingers, it will teach me how to respect this knife. I think this knife costs like 15$ new, it has an ergonomic handle that i hate to say this but "fits well in my small hands".  Eat shit Wusthof you can roll over to purekomachi, affordable and sharp and carbon fiber?!


Beet your heart out

Beet your heart out

Mushroom ravioli with beef tips in a mushroom cream sauce

.......with a side of collards.

you want to make the secret sauce?
1 cup heavy cream
1 oz ketchup
1 oz mustard (i used nathan's coney island origional)
2 dashes worcestershire sauce

heat in a skillet till it bubbles and reduces a little. use a jigger for measuring ounces. i made this recipe up on the spot right now, you dont have to measure just eye it up and taste taste taste make it to your taste

grilled meat loav

i made meat loaf and wrapped it up in tin foil and put it over charcoal in the grill. yum!


Katie and Dalanna's excellent adventure

Katie and I in route to shupps grove craft fair.
where we bought hats from likeclochework.
read katie's blog.


creamed cooooooorn

this is creamed corn that i adapted from the sept. 09' gourmet mag. i used butter, milk, stone ground yellow cornmeal, 4 ears of corn, cilantro, garlic, and chives and asiago cheese. it was so good it didn't need salt or pepper. (i later added sriracha)

salad dressing

i transfered my salad dressing to this mason jar and shook it to emulsify it. i will store it in this too.


salad dressing: lime juice, honey dijon mustard, shallots, cilantro, salt, pepper, olive oil, white vin.





I grew shittaki mushrooms! They grew they grew! I learned an amazing lesson in patience from this.



Can you identify this beetle?



Philly steak in a crossiont thank you wild flour bakery


look at this beautiful bread

I think i should make a sandwich with it


I wish I could grow my own next year.... oh wait I can., This tiger melon is so beautiful

I have to scoop out the seeds anyway to enjoy it.

I have this cute vintage flour sifter that I can use to wash the seeds off

I can just leave them in there to dry then I will store them in an envelope for next years garden!


i live for this

Lindsay made yum yum

post mini golf ice cream

Twoo wove


Yerba mate freezer pops. refreshing after a bike ride


Jekyl and hyde hair


T made a sloe gin fizz


My day spent at eastern market. 

Johnathan colone makes us lunch and tells us about the market benefit dinner.