usurped corn

i spray painted this corn as a halloween decoration

brine it baby

i bought this whole chicken for 6.50$ 
i brined it in saltwater with mirepoix, 2 bay leaves 3 allspice berries and 2 smashed garlic cloves.
i cooked it at 450 for one hour.
I cut 2 breasts and 2 drumsticks and saved them for dinner.
i pulled the rest of the meat and made a taco.
i put the bones back in the brine and boiled it for 2 hours......chicken stock.


not yo mamma's mirepoix

a combination of heirloom carrots, red and yellow onion and red celery is my new standby.



paper bats

busy non-smoker fingers have driven me to cut out tiny paper bats drawn free hand on card stock.

halloween crafty

So here they are. i curled there wings a little to give them depth and cast more shadows.